Cloud Server Service

Designed to operate on the basis of Hyper Converged Infrastructure, it allows to improve the redundancy and availability of the entire VPS server system. In addition, all Cloud Server provided by Cloudzone are integrated with anti-malware and firewall security functions to help reduce data safety risks for customers.

One of the main advantages of using Cloud Server in a casino is its geographical optimization. By using the services of a multi-location provider, online casinos can reduce when time slows down, or increase resources when time becomes turbulent. Using Cloud Server allows to optimize their budget while improving security, thus ensuring the smooth operation of their site. In addition, online casino employees can use their mobile devices to solve problems and respond to players in a timely manner.

Advantages of Cloudzone virtual server

Performance and optimization

The system is designed based on the optimal infrastructure for virtualization and cloud platforms to achieve the highest speed


Built-in anti-virus and anti-malware feature for customer’s VPS system, best protection.

Platform Security

Integrated Host-Based IPS system to help secure hosting platforms (Apache, Database, Web Framework)


The system is always available even if several physical servers in the cluster suffer from concurrent hardware failure.

Full SSD hard disk

All hosting and VPS services use Enterprise SSD hard disks to achieve the fastest loading speed.

Cost and support

Save time, investment in server hardware, operating personnel, and get free support and advice from vendors.

Common Cloud Server Configuration




  • CPU:1 Core/Ram: 1Gb
  • Disk SSD: 20 GB
  • 01 IP Public
  • OS: Windows/Linux
  • Bandwidth: 100Mb/10Mb



  • CPU:2 Core/Ram: 2Gb
  • Disk SSD: 30 GB
  • 01 IP Public
  • OS: Windows/Linux
  • Bandwidth: 100Mb/10Mb



  • CPU:3 Core/Ram: 4Gb
  • Disk SSD: 60 GB
  • 01 IP Public
  • OS: Windows/Linux
  • Bandwidth: 100Mb/10Mb



  • CPU:4 Core/Ram: 6Gb
  • Disk SSD: 60 GB
  • 02 IP Public
  • OS: Windows/Linux
  • Bandwidth: 100Mb/10Mb
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Additional Information – Cloud Server

Data Center Viettel IDC – CMC – ODS

Cloudzone’s IT infrastructure system is distributed in 3 international standard data centers TIA 942 TIER 3, including: Viettel IDC Da Nang, CMC Da Nang and ODS Ho Chi Minh. The Data Centers all meet the strict requirements of electricity, air-conditioning, and Internet infrastructure, helping the server system to provide VPS services operate stably and efficiently. With that advantage, we are committed to the uptime of the VPS system up to 99.99%.

Transmission speed

Cloud VPS at Cloudzone are not limited to Internet traffic. The internal transmission speed inside the Data Center is 10-20Gb, the Internet speed is 2Gb, and the sharing speed for Cloud Servers is from 50-100Mb domestically / 10Mb internationally with parallel transmission mechanisms, mutual backup.

Cloudzone also designs bandwidth upgrade service packages for customers according to their needs.

Technical support 24/7/365

We provide 24/7/365 technical support to our customers throughout the service life. With a professional and experienced technical team, we are committed to answering and troubleshooting problems that will meet the most rigorous requirements of our customers.

In addition, with the advantages of cloud technology, the system always ensures availability and redundancy, helping technical support requests to be handled quickly and simply.

Security level of Cloud Server at Cloudzone?

All VPSs at Cloudzone are integrated with 02 basic security services: Anti-Malware and Host-based Firewall. This means that customers will reduce a lot of worries related to viruses and malware when using the service, especially Ransomware that can destroy all customer data. In addition, the integrated firewall function will support preventing common types of attacks on the Internet such as scanning attacks, scanning network ports, detecting operating system vulnerabilities.

See more premium server-specific security services here.

Support consulting services for VPS

Cloudzone gives free advice to customers using Cloud VPS service. Some services are committed to consulting support for customers such as web/email server, free and paid control panels, some other open source solutions.

For customers who need server administration services, refer to the server administration service packages

Refer to the general IT knowledge page including many software installation instructions for VPS here here.