What’s the difference between Cloud VPS at Cloudzone?

data center đà nẵng

Cloud VPS is currently a popular choice for businesses in hosting and putting services into operation on the Internet environment. With the advantage of technology, Cloud VPS has many advantages in ensuring the availability and redundancy of data, the cost is cheap and reasonable, the initialization and use process is simple, helping to save a lot of money for businesses. However, in addition to the above advantages, when choosing Cloud VPS, customers also need to pay attention to many other factors from hosting technology, server and operating environment, security, services. accompanying support, backup and restore, … In this article, Cloudzone wants to analyze some more advantages when customers choose to use our Cloud VPS product.

Data Center TIA 942 – TIER 3

The operating environment of the Data Center is always the first factor to consider, a server system, network equipment, and hard disk storage can only work well when all environmental and temperature factors are met. , humidity. Data Centers (DCs) that want to ensure safety must comply with the international standard set for DC, which is TIA 942 – TIER 3.

Cloudzone’s server system as of now (July 2019) is distributed at 3 different Data Centers, including 2 Data Centers Viettel IDC and CMC in Da Nang, and ODS data center in Ho Chi Minh. All 3 data centers mentioned above ensure international machine room standards, are spared for risks of infrastructure, air conditioning, electricity, network, ensuring the best environment for Cloudzone’s cloud server system.

data center đà nẵng

Network infrastructure – Internet connection

After the engine room infrastructure, Internet connection and domestic/international bandwidth are important issues of a server system. The criteria for evaluating the transmission line are mainly based on two important parameters, which are connection bandwidth and network infrastructure.

While connection bandwidth is shown by the highest possible Internet connection speed, network infrastructure is typically rated by internal connection speed, which is 100Mb, 1Gb, 10Gb or 40Gb.

At Cloudzone, the network and Internet system is designed according to the model of a miniature network operator (ISP), in which all network resources are invested and owned by Cloudzone itself, from the range of IP addresses to devices. routers, switches, configured to broadcast BGP and connect directly under the peering model with Viettel, CMC, ODS networks. Internet bandwidth is always committed to output from 1Gb, expandable up to 10Gb to prevent attacks that require a lot of bandwidth. The internal connection speed of Cloudzone cloud system since July 2019 has been synchronously upgraded to 10Gb network infrastructure.

With such a design, Cloudzone is completely proactive in planning, allocating, upgrading network resources, changing different data centers without depending on any current network operator, ensuring service delivery. Service is always continuous, not interrupted by external objective factors.

Note: Cloudzone is currently the only private entity in the Central region that is a level 3 member of VNNIC ( Vietnam Internet Center).

ISP Internet Connection

Enterprise Server – Virtualization and Storage

Choosing a server in today’s time of product diversity is not a simple problem. Each type of server has different purposes and uses. Servers used for ordinary businesses, running file storage systems, … are completely unable to meet purposes such as building virtualization systems, cloud, or big data computing.

Therefore, Cloud VPS running with SME server will give different performance than Cloud VPS running on Enterprise server line. In addition, the choice of many related specifications such as chip, RAM bus, disk speed and I/O, raid card, network storage also greatly affects the operation of the cloud server cluster. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of dedicated servers and network infrastructure, Cloudzone’s cloud systems are designed with the most optimal hardware and network infrastructure, delivering extremely high performance when operating in the cloud. virtualized environment, cloud.

All Cloud VPSs are used with synchronous configuration:

  • Using new generation E5 chips
  • Memory uses ECC technology RAM with bus from 1600Mhz or more
  • Disk all use SSD Enterprise hard disks to achieve the highest I/O access speed.
  • In addition, the entire network infrastructure for Storage Network is used 10Gb fiber optic cable, allowing data to sync quickly and instantly.

For VPS hosting, Cloudzone is currently using Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) technology on all server clusters, servers operate in clusters and synchronize data with each other. keep VPS always safe and ready, when 1 physical server fails, VPS is automatically moved to run on another physical server without interruption. The use of 1 shared storage (such as SAN, NAS) or HCI is the difference between Cloud VPS compared to normal VPS.

Also to ensure backup for VPS, you can refer to the article “How to backup the server?” to understand the mechanisms and forms of server backup and choose the appropriate service.

Note: all VPS provided by Cloudzone are Cloud VPS, running on HCI platform.

Safe, secure

With the criterion of security integration in all Cloudzone services, customers using Cloud VPS at Cloudzone will experience a lifetime free security service that no other service provider currently provides. Cloud VPS at Cloudzone is integrated with 2 basic security functions: anti-malware and soft firewall, which helps to limit more than 90% of security and privacy risks for customers when operating on the Internet environment. 

In addition, Cloudzone also offers comprehensive, advanced security features for servers, described here for customers who have interest and use needs.

Sao lưu, dự phòng

Đối với Cloud VPS, việc bảo đảm tính sẵn sàng của dữ liệu là trách nhiệm của nhà cung cấp (Cloudzone). Tuy nhiên, rủi ro về mất mát dữ liệu 1 cách chủ quan như: khách hàng xóa nhầm dữ liệu trên VPS, làm lỗi cấu hình bên trong của VPS dẫn đến các dịch vụ web/mail/database không chạy được, hoặc mã nguồn có rủi ro dẫn đến dữ liệu bị hacker thay đổi, … là những việc không thể tránh khỏi khi hoạt động trên môi trường Internet. Đối với các trường hợp kể trên, Cloudzone sẽ hỗ trợ khách hàng để xử lý sự cố, nhưng không chịu trách nhiệm đối với dữ liệu của khách hàng.

Vì vậy, để bảo đảm dữ liệu luôn được an toàn, khách hàng cần có cơ chế backup dữ liệu hợp lý để bảo đảm luôn có bản sao lưu gần nhất và phục hồi khi có sự cố xảy ra.

In addition, Cloudzone provides backup-as-a-service for a fee, to support customers who need to backup Cloud VPS by day, refer here.

Price list and costs

Refer to Cloudzone’s Cloud VPS service price list here: https://cloudzone.vn/en/cloud-server/


Cloud VPS Price

Finally, CLOUDZONE always puts customer satisfaction first, so we guarantee 24/7/365 technical support to our customers. throughout the service life. With a professional and experienced technical team, we are committed to answering and troubleshooting problems that will meet the most stringent requirements of our customers.

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