Are you looking to use VPS in bulk?

Attractive discount agent policy

From the very beginning of our establishment, we have always made constant efforts to develop and expand the dealer network, with the desire to build long-term partnerships, ready to share business opportunities and benefits. . Therefore, this policy is always our top priority. If you have a need to use VPS in large quantities, please contact us for the fastest advice with an attractive discount.

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You want to build your own Cloud brand

Cloudzone will help you and your business do it extremely quickly. Package includes:
+ Sales website with customer’s domain name
+ Customer-branded customer management portal

Service pack installed in just a few days. Customers can immediately sell goods without worrying about complicated technical issues such as setting up server infrastructure, IP routing, bandwidth, CRM system to manage tenants, … All information related to Cloudzone is transparent to users.

Cloudzone API

Cloudzone provides a full set of APIs for the integration of infrastructure services such as VPS, Hosting. This supports customers in actively building their own Cloud brand, or wanting to exploit multi-platform infrastructure services, integrating with many different Cloud service providers.