Server rental service

Server leasing is a service for customers to rent space – an area to place servers and other hardware devices. Cloudzone gives you the ideal space and infrastructure to allow your business to put their trust in us.

Advantages of the service

Data Center TIER 3

Data Center of international standards, providing a stable power and network infrastructure.

24/7/365 support

Fast, instant customer support in troubleshooting and service installation

High bandwidth and speed

High speed and unlimited client-server traffic.

Rich resources

Add physical resources (RAM, Disk) and IPv4 and IPv6 addresses quickly and instantly.

Free installation, consultation

Free new installation and consulting service systems for customers

Cost optimization

Saving cost of server investment, machine room infrastructure, maintenance personnel

Service price list




  • Data Center: CMC, Viettel, ODS
  • Rack space: 1U
  • Bandwidth: 100Mb/10Mb
  • Power supply: 400W
  • IP address: 01 IP



  • Data Center: CMC, Viettel, ODS
  • Rack space: 2U
  • Bandwidth: 100Mb/10Mb
  • Power supply: 700W
  • IP address: 01 IP



  • Data Center: CMC, Viettel, ODS
  • Rack space: 4U
  • Bandwidth: 100Mb/10Mb
  • Power supply: 1200W
  • IP address: 01 IP

In case customers need booking space larger than 4U, please contact Cloudzone directly for the best cost advice and support.

Additional Information – Colocation

Data Center TIA 942 – TIER 3

Provide an ideal infrastructure for customers in server reservation. Tier3 international standard data center. Stable electrical system, ideal temperature, top physical security through fingerprint and hand recognition function.

Technical solution consulting support

With experience in operating many large and complex systems, Cloudzone provides free support to customers in design consultancy, implementation of technical solutions and safety and security for customer’s server system located in Vietnam. Cloudzone.

Cost savings

Customers do not need to spend too large initial infrastructure investment costs (server room, electrical infrastructure, network, air conditioner). Our service guarantees the best conditions according to international standards for customers.

Rapid service expansion

Customers’ needs for rack space, bandwidth, and IP addresses are met instantly. Currently, Cloudzone is a level 3 member of VNNIC, with a rich amount of reserved IP resources, providing customers with many optimal choices.

Backup and backup

For customers using virtualization platforms on physical servers (customers), Cloudzone supports backup and backup solutions on a daily basis, helping to ensure that data is always backed up and restored instantly. when you need.

DR Site – Disaster Recovery

Cloudzone provides DR Site services to customers and consults, supports system solutions running at many different sites. In Da Nang, Cloudzone provides up to 10Gb connection between data centers, making it possible and easy to build DR sites, backup between sites, and multi-sites.