Physical server

High configuration, very cheap price

Cloudzone server uses HCI (Hyper Converged Infrastructure) technology on Dell R630 server platform, 2x Xeon chip generation E5-2670V1 | E5-2680V2 | E5-2680V4, Cisco 10Gb Nexus 5k switch technology, along with nvme hard disks and enterprise SSDs, will deliver blazing fast access and response speeds.

The cloud infrastructure helps online casinos adhere to the strict privacy rules of many countries. A virtual private server, also known as cloud computing, provides the convenience and security of running multiple applications on a single platform. The ability to connect to multiple systems without using a VPN makes the process convenient and secure. In addition, cloud platforms help best online casino payouts australiamanage data more easily, making it easier to solve problems. Using a cloud solution allows online casinos to publish results instantly and easily. The software and technology required for this are very easy to manage. Players at online casinos can access the results from anywhere and can play from home, which is especially convenient for Asian customers.
  • Data center Tier 3
  • High bandwidth and speed
  • Rich resources
  • Quick parts replacement
  • Cost optimization
  • 24/7 technical support


Free basic security service

“Cheap but must be quality and safety” – All Cloud VPS built on the Hyper-Converged infrastructure and integrated with basic security features, ensuring data is always safe.

  • Cloud Computing Infrastructure
  • Full Administration Via Portal
  • Integrated Anti-Malware, Firewall
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Full Hard Disk SSD
  • Dos/Int Bandwidth: 100Mb/10Mb
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Web Hosting Lifetime

One-time-life payment

Using SSD Enterprise hard disk, for extremely fast website loading speed. The service is backed up daily and integrated with anti-WebShell, mining code, ransomware, anti-DDoS support.

  • Friendly Control Panel
  • Cloud Storage
  • Reseller Hosting Model
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Integrated Anti-Malware
  • Daily Backup

Basic services

VPS 1-1-20



  • 1 vCPU Core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB Storage
  • Bandwidth: 100Mb/10Mb
  • 1 x IPv4
VPS 2-4-20



  • 2 vCPU Core
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 20 GB Storage
  • Bandwidth: 100Mb/10Mb
  • 1 x IPv4
Hosting Basic



  • 01 domain
  • 1 Database
  • 1.000 MB Storage
  • Control Panel: Direct Admin
  • Anti-Malware
Hosting Lifetime



  • 01 domain
  • 1 Database
  • 1.000 MB Storage
  • Control Panel: Direct Admin
  • Lifetime



  • Data Center: CMC, Viettel, ODS
  • Rack space: 1U
  • Data Transfer: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: 100Mb/10Mb
  • 1 x IPv4



  • CPU: 2 x Xeon E5-2670 V1
  • Cores: 16 x 2.6 Ghz
  • Ram: 32Gbs
  • Disks: 1 x SSD 480Gb
  • IP: 2 IP

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Summary of service manuals at CLOUDZONE.

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