Differentiate VPS types according to what criteria?


The use of virtual servers (VPS) is now no stranger to individuals and businesses who want to develop services on the Internet. The mass explosion of service providers makes customers seem to fall into a matrix of “VPS virtual servers”, making the selection difficult. Even if a suitable server provider has been found, backing up and backing up data is also a difficult problem and needs to be taken care of, prepared for, and avoided the situation of “losing cows to build a barn”. .

To evaluate the quality of a VPS, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

Regular VPS or Cloud VPS

This is the first factor you need to consider when choosing a VPS. The basic difference between the two types of VPS mentioned above is that a normal VPS will run on an independent physical server with local storage on that independent physical server. Meanwhile, Cloud VPS is located on a separate server cluster and storage system consisting of many servers, many hard disks that are redundant for each other, not depending on a single server.

So, when there is a physical server failure, all normal VPS will be disrupted along with the independent server containing it. For Cloud VPS, the system will balance itself and switch VPS to run on another physical server located in the cluster, ensuring VPS always works even if 1 or several physical servers fail.</p >

To better understand the concept of VPS, you can refer to  here.


Quality and scalability of vendor server systems

This is the second factor that you need to consider, the size of the service provider’s system is always a question mark for customers. However, if you are clever, you can still figure it out through some questions as follows:

  • In case you want to upgrade VPS to a higher configuration, how long is the provider’s response time?
    Of course, the shorter the time, the better the provider’s infrastructure when there are enough resources to serve customers anytime, anywhere.
  • Are special high-profile requirements met?
    Some providers often limit the maximum number for a VPS virtual machine is how many cores, how many Gb of ram, hard disk should not exceed a certain number. This information is also a parameter worth thinking about, because the configuration of the VPS completely depends on the scalability of the underlying physical server system. So the maximum number for 3 parameters CPU, RAM, Disk is also one of the factors that identify the service provider’s capabilities.
  • Configuration parameters of CPU, RAM, Disk. CPU speed and type, RAM bus, and hard disk type determine the quality of VPS you use. However, this depends on many different factors and requires certain experiences to recognize. For example, the server uses Xeon X5650 Chip with a clock speed of 2.67Ghz, compared to Chip E5-2670 with a clock speed of only 2.6Ghz. Although the first type has a higher clock speed, it is old CPUs, so the performance of the second type is still much higher.

Quality of customer service

The supplier’s product quality does not stop at meeting user needs. But also in customer care after purchase. Therefore, you should choose a unit with good customer care quality.

System Backup

System backup is one of the important criteria of any system. Standing as a service user, you should care about how your server will be backed up, periodically. Currently, with the trend of developing to a cloud computing environment, the VPSs themselves are always in a state of 99.99% uptime, and data is always replicated in multiple copies between different physical servers in the cloud cluster. So you can be assured of data availability.

However, if the data located on the VPS is actively deleted (because you accidentally deleted it, or a hacker can get into your VPS through a simple password scan), the copies saved on the other computers will be deleted. The different servers also sync themselves, and the data is also not recoverable. This is one of the biggest downsides in a cloud environment.

To meet the higher backup requirements of customers, providers often offer VPS backup service packages for customers to choose as an additional service. So in the process of choosing a VPS provider, you should pay attention to this factor so that when the data reaches a certain level of importance, you need to perform backups through the provider’s solution, or simpler. you must backup your own data to prevent subjective risks as mentioned above.

Which VPS (Cloud VPS) choice is right for you?

At CLOUDZONE, we offer a variety of Cloud VPS product packages from only 125,000 VND/month (for 1 year subscription term) with 5 outstanding features:

Cloud VPS

The entire virtual server system of Cloudzone is built on the basis of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, whereby VPSs will be hosted on 1 server cluster and mirrored data. into multiple copies on different physical servers in the cluster. So when there is a problem with 1 or several physical servers in the cluster, the VPSs still operate normally, ensuring Uptime and data safety for customers.

Modern server infrastructure

Cloudzone’s server system and network equipment are all modernly equipped, using new chip lines. All Cloud VPSs are synchronized with E5-2670 Chip configuration for speeds up to 2.6Ghz. In addition, network infrastructure with 1Gb access connection for the entire system and 10Gb Uplink, creating an environment for accessing content. stable internet and internet, ensuring future scalability.


Built-in anti-virus and anti-malware features for the entire VPS system of customers. This is a feature supported by Cloudzone for free for customers who rent the service, helping customers feel more secure against the risks of malicious code appearing rife on the Internet environment. This feature is extremely effective with VPS using Windows OS, always a favorite target of Hackers and scanning attack software.

FULL SSD hard disk

The entire server system of Cloudzone uses SSD Enterprise hard disk, for extremely fast access speed. The combination of server infrastructure, hard disk, and network speed brings a high-speed Cloud VPS service environment to customers.


Cloudzone provides full VPS backup solution for customers (Backup as a Service) daily and restore any previous backups. This solution helps customers rest assured that their data always has backup copies in case of force majeure events. Cloudzone’s backup solution is also applicable to systems located in other service providers, and supports many different virtualization platforms such as VMware, Hyper-V.

To better understand Backup as a Service you can refer to  here.< /p>

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Cloud VPS service price list

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