Virtual Server Service

Cloudzone Server

Cloudzone Server is a product of Cloudzone to provide customers with high quality virtual server (Cloud VPS) service with extremely reasonable cost, automatic management system, flexible resource expansion. and optimized according to user needs, with many options for backup and security.

Cloud Platform

Using HCI infrastructure helps to improve the availability and stability of the entire system

Safety, Confidential

Data replication backup technology and integration with anti-malware security platform

Flexible Extensibility

Allows quick service initialization, easy expansion and configuration upgrades

Fast Deployment

Deploy virtual servers quickly with automated administration tools and available resources

Easy management

Automatic, friendly administration system, integrated with many features to allow self-manipulation

Reasonable cost

Save initial investment costs, pay according to actual monthly use

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Necessary information

vps giá rẻ cho sinh viên học tập
Look up the list of VNNIC IP address members at Lookup table. Cloudzone of Dai Viet Digital Technology One Member Limited Liability Company is at the 89th position in VNNIC’s list (code DVS).

What is VPS: this is an abbreviation of the term Virtual Private Server to refer to a private server, like a physical server and usually operates 24/7 to serve the purpose of providing IT services of the company. businesses, individuals, organizations.

VPS is used for many different purposes from installing software according to business needs, or building into a web server, email, data backup, game server, … To better understand VPS please refer to the basic article about VPS here.

VPS Works completely like a private server – hence why it is often called a virtual server. Customers are free to use this virtual server as a regular computer.

There are now many different types of VPS, which can distinguish VPS quality based on many factors such as virtualization level, normal VPS or Cloud VPS, and many criteria related to the speed of VPS such as CPU, RAM bus, Disk SSD/SAS/SATA, domestic and international bandwidth, …

Refer to the detailed article on how to distinguish VPS types according to the criteria here.

With the advantage of being the leading Cloud VPS and Hosting infrastructure service provider in the Central region, the VPS system at Cloudzone is also designed with many advantages, from the quality of the server providing the service, data center environment, domestic and international transmission lines to virtualization solutions, software, integrated security and security with VPS.

Please refer to the detailed article about the difference of Cloud VPS at Cloudzone here to better understand the quality of services provided by Cloudzone.