Web hosting service

Cloud Web Hosting

Is a product of Cloudzone.vn with the desire to provide customers with a professional hosting service platform using cloud computing, meeting the needs of stability and high performance. In particular, all Cloud Hosting services are integrated with anti-malware and web shell security functions.

Service advantage

Large capacity

Allow unlimited traffic and storage expansion

Ideal infrastructure

Top quality server system, international standard Tier 3 data center reservation

Support 24/7

24/7 service support. System upgrade, fast processing

Fast and stable access

Cloud computing technology ensures fast and stable access

Safety, Confidential

Strengthen website security with Anti-Malware, automatic alerts

Easy Administration

Professional, user-friendly, easy-to-administer Direct Admin management tool.

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Necessary information

Parameters to evaluate a Hosting system based on 2 basic parameters: the hosting server system and the hosting platform.
The hosting server needs to be allocated CPU, RAM, Disk and bandwidth resources with ample capacity, for backup in case of system overload, or use cases unusually high resource usage.
The foundation of Hosting needs to be designed based on copyrighted software (such as cPanel, Direct Admin), providing stability, fast loading speed, integrating many support tools ( like Softaculous, …) and especially to ensure safety and security such as anti-malware, web shell.

Hosting is the place to store all the information and data of a website, is the place to operate the website, the website’s activities are located in the hosting.

Currently, there are many domestic and international hosting services on the market with different service levels to meet the diverse needs of customers. However, there is one thing to pay special attention to when choosing a hosting service provider that is the audience of the website. For websites serving domestic users, hosting service with servers located in Vietnam is the most suitable in the current situation that international traffic is very limited and often affected by outages. undersea fiber optic cable.

Besides, security issues for the hosting environment also need to be taken care of when you want the website to operate stably and for a long time. In the field of website security and hosting, it is divided into many different levels such as operating system security, control panel security, database, source code, … Security deployment for the hosting environment is applied. is also very different for each service provider.

Capture those characteristics, hosting products at Cloudzone have been designed and built to ensure the best benefits for customers in the web and email hosting segments. For Web Hosting, customers can use Anti-Malware service free of charge, malicious code that enters the website’s source code will be detected and eliminated immediately.


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