Integrated solution

System Integration

Enterprise Solutions

Provide businesses with consulting services, deploying solutions from network infrastructure, server administration, system administration to security solutions, advanced security and computing services cloud, DR Site, disaster recovery..

Cloud Services

Provide cloud-based infrastructure services built and operated by Cloudzone itself.

  • Enterprise Cloud Hosting
  • Website/Email Hosting
  • Cloud VPS
  • Back up as a Service

DR Site - Disaster Recovery

Consulting and implementing DR Site services for businesses. The system will include 2 sites, 1 main site and 1 backup site, data is synchronized in real time between the two sites.

  • Consultancy and implementation of storage and virtualization infrastructure solutions for DR Site
  • Sync data via 10Gb fiber optic cable between 2 sites
  • Operating by active-active or active-standby mechanism between 2 sites
  • Ensure data is always backed up between 2 sites
  • The system ensures availability when a site fails

Security Solutions

Consulting services and deploying security solutions for businesses

  • Set up network security solutions (Network Security): Firewall, IDS/IPS, Access Policy (Layer 2, 3, 4)
  • System & Application Security solutions: Web/Database Application Firewall, Mail Security, Web Proxy Gateway.
  • Advanced security solutions such as: Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Certificate Authority, 2 factor Authentication.


Infrastructure services include consulting and deploying IT infrastructure systems for businesses such as networks, servers, redundant cluster systems, application load distribution, and Internet transmission lines.

  • Design and implementation of network system, IP, Access List Policy, Load balancing transmission line.
  • Design and build Web server systems (Apache, IIS, Tomcat), Database server (MySQL Galera, MSSQL), Reverse Proxy (Nginx, Nginx Plus).
  • System planning and optimization.

Private Cloud

Consulting services, deploying Virtualization and private cloud systems for businesses, using commercial and open source solutions, combined with the experience and model of the cloud system that Cloudzone under construction, system.

  • Implementation consulting for virtualization systems VMware, Microsoft, open source virtualization solutions (KVM, Promox, OVirt)
  • Consulting, deploying private cloud for enterprises (OpenStack Private Cloud)

Monitoring & Alert

Consultancy service, deploying network monitoring solutions and multi-level system monitoring, analyzing server log files (Web server, Access Log, …) and warning in real time.

  • Using open source software solutions (Zabbix, Nagios, Cacti, Grafana, ELK – Elastic Search, LogStack, Kibana)
  • Use commercial solutions (IBM Q-Radar, HP Arcsight)