Lifetime Web Hosting Service

Cloudzone Lifetime Hosting

Special service package preferentially designed by Cloudzone for customers with stable and long-term usage needs. As the name suggests, the new Permanent Hosting package will have no expiry date, customers only need to pay 1 time to use the Hosting service indefinitely at Cloudzone.

Service advantages

Performance and optimization

Optimize separately for each hosting platform for the highest speed


Integrate anti-malware, web shell for customer source code

Cloud Storage

The system works on Cloud Servers and is distributed on many physical servers

Full SSD hard disk

All web hosting services use Enterprise SSDs

Platform Security

Integrating Anti-Exploit to help secure the hosting platform (Apache, Database, Web,…)

24/7 support

Support 24/7 service. System upgrade, quick troubleshooting

Lifetime Web hosting price list

Hosting Lifetime 1



  • Storage: 1.000 Mbs / 1 domain
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Sub domain: Unlimited
  • 1 Database
  • Control Panel: Directadmin
Hosting Lifetime 2



  • Storage: 2.000 Mbs / 3 domains
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Sub domain: Unlimited
  • 1 Database
  • Control Panel: Directadmin
Hosting Lifetime 3



  • Storage: 5.000 Mbs/10 domains
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Sub domain: Unlimited
  • 1 Database
  • Control Panel: Directadmin

High security

High quality hosting system with integrated security solutions against viruses, malware (malware) and web shells in Linux/Apache/PHP hosting environment. In addition, the system is also set up to prevent/reduce common types of attacks such as scanning attacks, unauthorized access to the system, attacks exploiting operating system errors, applications. web/database applications and frameworks.

Customer Support 24/7/365

When using the service, customers are fully supported through a professional technical support team. We are currently setting up 3 main customer support channels, which are phone support, email support and ticket system. Support requests through the above channels are all decentralized and handled by us based on the impact of the system.

High Speed

Our high-quality hosting systems are built on standard physical server infrastructure and network equipment, located in the TIER Data Center 3 of Viettel IDC with lease line currently reserved for hosting is 100Mb in the country, 10Mb internationally. This speed is regularly monitored and monitored to ensure scalability up to 1 Gb in the absence of space.

Attached email service

Email packages attached to hosting services often have spam, virus, and untrusted email cases. Therefore, the web hosting packages at Cloudzone do not include email hosting service. Customers who need to contact us for advice and use a private email service with integrated spam, virus, and phishing filtering functions built by Cloudzone to ensure service quality.

Data Security

The Hosting system at Cloudzone works on Cloud VPS with high availability. Each Cloud VPS is hosted at the same time on at least 3 different independent physical servers according to the technology model of Hyper Converged Infrastructure, which makes data available even when the computer is running. The physical host suffers from a hardware failure. For data backup, Cloudzone provides a backup tool directly on the control panel for customers, and the backup capacity is calculated into the used space of the customer.


The servers providing Hosting system at Cloudzone are installed and configured to bring the highest optimization for web speed. In particular, the optimization focuses on the processing capacity of the web server, increasing the caching capacity of the server system, using updated versions of the web server and database as well as the reverse proxy model.