Cloudzone Security Services

Cloudzone Security Service

This is a premium service to comprehensively secure the system for customers. Cloudzone wishes to create a safe and secure hosting and server environment, minimizing risks for customers.

Features of the service

Web Hosting Security

Protect source code from malicious code, virus, web shell.

Email Hosting Security

Prevent and filter out viruses, spam, phishing emails

VPS Security

Integrate Anti-Malware and Host-based Firewall into the virtual server

Host-based IPS

The application layer IPS system limits the risks of attacks on web applications, databases, and operating systems.

Log Analysis

Real-time log analysis for early warning of security events

Anti DDoS

Support against DDoS attacks and log analysis when there is a problem

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Additional Information – Cloudzone Server

Web/Email security

We provide Web/Email security services for customers’ systems. The solution focuses on the prevention and removal of viruses, malicious code, web shell attached in the hosting environment, source code, email, and has identifiers to identify malicious IP sources, emails. spam, phishing. At the same time, the firewall and IPS help limit the risks of scanning, spying and exploiting the server system.

Cloud Server/VPS Security

For customers’ servers, Cloudzone provides many service packages with different levels of security from basic to advanced, with many consulting services on building, monitoring systems, monitoring and handling risks. information security risks.

The security service applies to both servers in Cloudzone or located at other service providers.

Cloud Server integrated security

Customers are using Cloud Server at Cloudzone, the service is automatically integrated with basic security functions, including anti-malware and soft firewall.

In case customers need to increase their security level, Cloudzone pre-designed a package of advanced security functions, adding the following functions: IPS, Real-time log analysis and comprehensive VPS monitoring.